The Devil’s 6 Commandments is an independent film about 6 revenge stories intertwining one another

Australian Trailer:






On the verge of committing suicide after being raped by thugs, Nina is persuaded by Ares, her psychotic step brother to track down the thugs and torture them. During their revenge mission, Nina and Ares encounter Trevor Moretti, a rogue cop who helps their cause; Albert Pike, a homophobic multi millionaire; and Freddie Ramone, a priest with dark past.


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SYDNEY (Limited Theatrical Release):

Chauvel Cinema, Paddington, Sydney, NSW, November 11th – 24th, 2010

MELBOURNE (Exhibition and Festival):

Digital Independent Cinema Exhibition, Melbourne, VIC, March 24th, 2011

Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Melbourne, VIC, August 2011


INSIDE FILM MAGAZINE: ” there are a few things in The Devil’s 6 Commandments that most critics and audiences hadn’t seen in any other films before – like the opening credits, the insert cuts, the very unorthodox revenge method …” – INSIDE FILM magazine Q & A session with Dicky Tanuwidjaya (Writer/Director)

URBAN CINEFILE: “Made with a certain panache and wit”Full Review by Andrew L. Urban

“Despite its dark and brutal themes, director Dicky Tanuwidjaya says his first feature film is actually a very personal story. “I adapt my life experience into the movie world by exaggerating the characters, changing some of the events, using metaphors through moving images and adding entertainment layers on top.” – FILMINK Interview with Gianna Pattison (lead actress) and Dicky Tanuwidjaya (writer/director)

Audiences can expect something different with this one though, as it’s not your typical A to B action movie. There are twists, intrigue and six interweaving story lines” – Article from Sydney Central Newspaper

SCARY MINDS WEBSITE: “A movie that will keep your interest, give you a new lease on cinema life, and generally have you happy with the time spent” – Review from SCARY MINDS WEBSITE (Note: The Full Review contain minor SPOILERS)

VIDEO VACUUM WEBSITE: …. a bit of a diamond in the rough. The parts that shine, shine pretty bright” – Review from VIDEO VACUUM WEBSITE(Note: The Full Review contain a minor SPOILER)

THE OTHER VIEW WEBSITE: “the story is pretty solid with lots of twists to keep things interesting and well-paced that it never slows down.” – Review from THE OTHER VIEW WEBSITE (Note: The Full Review contain MAJOR SPOILERS)

VIDEO VAULT WEBSITE: ” The Devil’s 6 Commandments is an original story with smartly written characters that engage the audience.” – Review from VIDEO VAULT WEBSITE

PULP MOVIES WEBSITE: “The Devil’s 6 Commandments is a stylish – and stylised – thriller that is both dark and darkly humorous.” – Review from PULP MOVIES WEBSITE

FILM BIZARRO WEBSITE: “a fun and entertaining flick with some great bits of dark-quirky humor” – Review from FILM BIZARRO

BAD LIT WEBSITE: “ The Devil’s 6 Commandments has just enough fun twists on familiar proceedings that make it feel fresh and original. But, it’s biggest twist is how Tanuwidjaya very thoughtfully explores and complicates his characters’ moral universe” – Review from BAD LIT WEBSITE (Note: The Full Review contain minor SPOILERS)