(Note: Behind-the-scene photos taken by Tom Truong and David Cheng)

Director’s Statement :

I make films because I want to create a world that previously only existed in my imagination.“The Devil’s 6 Commandments” is about 6 revenge stories intertwining one another. It’s an action flick, with a bit of drama and dark comedy.

I like movies with lots of characters and multiple storylines. And “chapters” have been done to death, so instead of “chapters”, I rather use “Commandments”, which is more original. Each commandment consists of an individual story that interlinks with others as a whole.

“The Devil’s 6 Commandments” is a very personal story that I want to tell. Of course, it doesn’t seem that way because I mask the film with ‘entertainment layers’. It’s a personal story to me, but it’s entertainment for the audience. As long as the audiences entertained by the film, I’m happy. If they get more from it, if it makes them think, then it’s a bonus.

By Dicky Tanuwidjaya (Writer/Director)


Special Thanks to:

Siat Tjen Lee, Hapkido College Australia, Red Red Roses, Cyntia Miyashita, Niki Simpson, Lori Cartier, James Flores, Martin Ponferrada and Jennifer King.